Star Anise Oil & Natural Anethole

September 2016

We have had several dealers indicate that demand for Anise Oil will escalate.  In light of the Oil’s use in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oncoming Fall/Winter cold season and the growing threat of Zika lead us to believe that this is the case.  We have seen prices begin to firm and expect this to be the trend for a few months.

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Garlic Oil Chinese

September 2016

We have several sources indicating that prices have not yet peaked, with some stating they expect prices to be double their current levels before long.  The Spice Market reports that the demand for fresh Garlic vastly outstrips availability.   The Chinese crop was poor and the drought in California has provided no relief.  

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Turpentine & Derivatives

September 2016

Our most recent report from August 22nd continues to advise that Gum Turpentine prices are firm.  In Yunnan Province most processors of Gum Resin have temporarily ceased production as demand is off.  Those producing Gum Turpentine are reportedly sold out and no spot Turpentine is available.  We have seen some pricing on derivatives such as IBA reflect this, and expect to see more price increases.

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