Bergamot Oil Italian

January 2017

Some reports state that this year’s crop will be 10% larger than that of last years.  Even if this is the case though, it would be considered 20% smaller than “normal.”  Preliminary results indicate a yield of 5.3-5.5kg per ton of fruit, up from last year’s yield of 4.5kg/ton.  Prices should be stable.

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Black Pepper Oil

January 2017

Spice Markets report that unfavorable weather conditions and the Indian government’s new currency policies have made transactions difficult.  We expect to see prices begin to reflect this situation soon.  

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Turpentine & Derivatives

January 2017

The pricing of Gum Rosin in China continues to firm as production in southern China is off.  Chinese Turpentine prices though, have softened.  Reports state that the last of the Pine Oleoresin has arrived in the spot market so small and medium Gum Resin plants have sold Turpentine for cash.  This cash is meant to purchase Oleoresin to produce Rosin.  
The same reports state that the average export price in October was $2430/ton as opposed to $1910/ton in September.  Likewise, the export of Pinenes from China in October increased by 5.66% over September.  Borneol prices rose in October by 7.9% over September but are down by 30% from the same time last year.  Camphor USP prices have also risen and are expected to continue to rise in early 2017.  Iso Bornyl Acetate has also experienced a price increase.

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Garlic Oil Chinese

January 2017

Chinese dealers continue to advise that there has been little production of new oil this past year.  Prices for bulbs are firm as speculators continue to purchase and store in the hope of driving prices higher.  No relief is expected until the new crop hopefully in June and July.

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