Turpentine & Derivatives

February 2017

Firming trends for Gum Rosin and Gum Turpentine continue.  New harvesting has ceased due to cold weather.  Derivative prices like Iso Bornyl Acetate, Dihydro Myrcenol, and Camphor USP among others have all increased.   

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Clove Leaf Oil & Derivatives

February 2017

Reports continue to advise that steady rainfall in Indonesia is hampering the collection of leaves.  With supplies of Crude Clove Oil reportedly limited prices continue to firm.  Eugenol, Iso Eugenol, Caryophyllene, Methyl Eugenol, Methyl Iso Eugenol, Vanillin ex Eugenol, and Propenyl Guaethol have all firmed.  With the rainy season lasting through March & April we do not expect prices to ease soon.  

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February 2017

The USDA estimates that total production for their season’s crop is 72 million boxes, almost 10 million less than last year’s total.  The continued loss of trees due to greening as well as the advanced age of healthy trees have contributed to the shortfall.  Estimates out of Brazil are 210 million boxes, down from a normal harvest of 300 million.  Prices continue to rise and there does not appear to be any relief this year.  

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Davana Oil

February 2017

Harvesting has just begun in India and the new crop should be available in March.  It is hoped that the current crop will bring Davanone levels back to normal. Pricing indications are slightly lower than those of last year.  

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Citronella Oil Chinese

February 2017

Chinese production in 2016 was approximately two thirds of that of 2015.  This was due to a combination of low prices discouraging farmers from distilling, environmental protection policies, and bad weather.  With Indonesia acting as an alternative to China in 2016, supply was stable.  Now with steady rains, their supply has become limited.  As a result, prices have increased.

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Cornmint Oil & Menthol

February 2017

With the new fiscal policies enacted in India in November, the traditional cash transactions between farmers and collectors have diminished significantly.  Less oil was collected and prices have increased at the farm level.  To meet demand, exporters turned to the MCX for Cornmint, which also pushed up prices.  A report states that current stock at the MCX is 8600 drums, down from 12500 on November 1st.  Higher oil prices have led to higher Menthol prices, putting more pressure on Natural Menthol against Synthetic.  Higher prices for Cornmint will encourage more acreage to be planted if root stock is available.  One report we have questions that availability.  

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