2018 Flavor Trend

Earlier generations of synthetic sugar substitutes that popped up in this decades-long health question have fallen further out of favor.  This paired with the anti-carbohydrate push of 2016 has resulted in a search for more naturally derived sweeteners. “The Coca-Cola Sweetener Challenge” offers $1 million to the scientist or flavorist that can create “a natural, safe, low/reduced-calorie compound that tastes like sugar when used in beverages and foods.”  Other brands may not carry this same bit of power to drive change but, the sugar reduction challenge has eased as consumers tend to stray from sugary flavors in general.

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Luo Han Guo

Luo Han Guo or “Monk Fruit” is a sweet substitute from
China and northern Thailand offered in powdered from through
Berjé’s sister company, The Whole Herb Company.


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