2018 Flavor Trend

Cold brew coffee, nitro brew, and tea along have been steady climbers in the past year driving new edible creations focused around these profiles.  These trending profiles have the impression with consumers of an intense flavor that allows for the introduction of bitter, more complex nuances.  That consumer draw to the bold flavor associated with “cold brew” and “nitro” is not limited to that particular beverage but has room to expand in other snacks. Coffee bars, protein bars, protein shakes, ice cream and baked goods have all taken a step in this direction as these flavors separate from the process and become better known as an intense flavor profile.

Tea has also developed within recent years both on the product and culinary front.  Of course, the first new adaptation with tea is the booming kombucha fermented teas but, tea has leaped beyond that with phenomenon like the Burmese tea leaf salad and fermented tea aioli.   This new condiment, complimented with the Burmese tea leaf, laphet, was given a nod as a NEXTY 2017 finalist for the best new condiment category.

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Coffee Oil 100 Micron Filtered

Berjé’s coffee oil is cold pressed from crushed, roasted coffee Arabica beans grown in Central America. This material has been passed through a 100 micron filter to remove any sediment.

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot is best known as the aromatic addition that gives Earl Grey Tea its trademark flavor.  With a profile that is both citrusy and floral, bergamot is adept at tying together the different notes in a flavor.


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