2018 Flavor Trend

Are carbs coming back?  After years of infamy in the nutrition world, carbohydrates are finding the spotlight as main entree features instead of a side dish.  Fries, potatoes, rice and breads are much easier to stack on when they are not the main focus of the meal but when the dish is incorporated around our craved carbs there seems to be a better acceptance in not allowing the sugars to stack up.  As seen with french fries in particular, restaurants have been turning this once uniform side dish into a full meal ala poutine.  These french fry meals are often times covered in gravy, sauces, and cheese and can feature a meat or green veggie much like Wendy’s fast food chains recent item launches.

This trend is not limited to food trucks and fast food chains.  Established kitchens are experimenting with ethnic takes on fries using potato substitutions such as yucca, avocado, jackfruit, purple yam, and gourds.  This expansion has opened up opportunities for the use of cultural seasonings like Timur Peppers, Za’atar, Berbere, and Dukkah.

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Timur Pepper C02

The supercritical Co2 extraction preserves the bite of the spice but enhances the zest of this now trending culinary pepper.

Propenyl Guaethol

Propenyl Guaethol is a white crystalline powder with a spicy, slightly phenolic vanilla-like aroma. Detectable at levels as low as 400ppb in flavors, Propenyl Guaethol contributes a potent, creamy, anisic character that can amplify the strength of vanilla notes.


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