Berje Snapshot Trends


2018 Flavor Trend

There is a thin line that can make or break a budding product if consumers find the brand or restaurant masquerading or improperly representing a foreign staple.  Though that line is shifting as small restaurants and the trending food trucks become more widespread, regularly introducing new international fusions.  In Berjé’s 2017 trend presentation we covered the trends on Gochujang, Poke and Ube, as well as hinting at Buddha bowls.  Most of these mentions are now in full swing.  This is especially true with Poke bowls, but what wasn’t forecasted was their ability to succeed outside of their expected divisions.  What is unclear about this success is whether the trends have been generating enough strength to pull outside of their boundaries or if the consumer is softening with their expectations of authenticity. If it’s the latter, this will open doors for creatives, to develop new products that stretch the bounds of cultural cuisine.

Related Products

Terpinyl Acetate ex Cardamom

Terpinyl Acetate is a defining flavor and aroma characteristic of the
ever-popular Cardamom spice.  Associated heavily with chai tea and other trendy Asian flavor profiles, a dash of Cardamom character has become a sought after addition to cuisine and consumer goods alike.

Coriander Herb Oil

Coriander Herb Oil is steam distilled from the fresh cilantro herb grown in Eastern Europe.  Coriander Herb’s aldehydic fattiness makes it a great modifier in Lemon, Orange, and Mandarin profiles.

Celery Seed Oil

Celery Seed Oil is a green, herbal, and slightly sweet oil distilled from celery seeds, primarily in India.  It adds a unique character to beef, maple and caramel flavors.