2018 Flavor Trend

The IPA, or India Pale Ale, is one of the cornerstones of America’s 30 year experiment with craft beer.  This hop-heavy beer style turned out to be the perfect way to show off our native citrusy and piney hop varieties and launch a kaleidoscope of new beer aromas and flavors in the United States.  Most recently, a new kind of IPA has popped up in the Northeast that takes advantage of the latest hop varieties.  The New England IPA is hop heavy like its namesake but rather than a balance between bitterness and hop flavor, the NEIPA has little bitterness and a powerfully aromatic hop aroma and flavor.  Often described as juicy or tropical, the NEIPA derives its unique profile from newer hops like Citra and Mosaic that exhibit these flavors.  And if this hoppy aroma and flavor wasn’t enough, the New England IPA can also be recognized by its distinctive hazy, opaque, amber appearance.  Regardless of this substyle’s long term popularity, the New England IPA is celebration of a new generation of juicy, citrusy, and delicious hop varieties.

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