Apr 1st, 2019

Here too, rainfall has impacted production. Prices have firmed.

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Berje Inc
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Jan 10th, 2020

Demand is lower than usual and prices have eased a little but is not sustainable for the farmers.  Production has restarted and prices are firming.

Dec 2nd, 2019

Market is relatively stable at the moment, however, firming is beginning to occur as the rainy season is approaching. Additionally, many farmers are favoring to wait for higher prices from the spice market instead of distilling.

Aug 1st, 2019

Here too, weather has impacted the harvest. Prices are firm.

Sep 1st, 2017

Also affected by rain, there appears to be a shortage of good quality oil at this time. There is a report that when prices dropped precipitously, several processors closed, unable to cover overheads. As a result prices continue to firm.

Jul 5th, 2017

We have a report that in the growing regions of Aceh and Padang, while the rains have stopped, extremely strong winds have caused the nutmegs to fall from the trees before they ripened. Additionally, this report states that heavy flooding in Padang further disrupted the collection of fruit. There are also reports of insect infestations destroying trees. All of these are cited as the reason why Nutmeg prices have escalated.

Nov 1st, 2016

After firming, prices have stabilized.

Oct 4th, 2016

Similarly to Clove, the rainy season and currency changes have caused Nutmeg prices to firm.

Sep 6th, 2016

Here too rains have affected harvesting, causing prices to firm.

May 1st, 2016

With increased availability prices have softened.

Nov 1st, 2015

News from a well-known broker states that his suppliers claim that adulterated Oil is still being offered.  He further states that this adulteration is only detectable by a sophisticated lab.