2019 Flavor Trend

Old favorites are racing to see who can create the new hit leading combinations in this market segment. Traditional snacks are developing into new leading attention drivers. Among them, popcorn with its natural origins make it the perfect substrate for eccentric  flavoring. Combinations like “Old Bay Caramel Corn” are hitting the Sweet and Savory target at once and pushing the taste buds to the limit.

Other natural snack ideas with an Asian flare are flavored / grilled seaweed, and roasted/ puffed Edamame. These snacks provide an even healthier alternative with the same impact of taste. Available in a wide range of flavors, they’re going to present competition for those fatty old fashioned snacks on the store shelves.

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Sage Oil

This sage is composed of 30% thujone, used commonly in spiced meats and seasoning blends.

cumin oil

Cumin seeds have been used as a spice since 5000 BC and have been found inside the Egyptian pyramids.  It is steam distilled from the crushed seeds of a waist-high herb that is grown commercially around the Mediterranean and in India.

nutmeg oil

Nutmeg Oil’s terpenic topnote mellows out on the dry down into the rich balsamic warmth we recognize from the spice rack.  Nutmeg is a culinary must in seasonings, spice blends, and cola flavors.