2019 Flavor Trend

This trend derives from the apple cider vinegar and detox tea trends we’ve seen. Vinegar drinks include a diluted vinegar that is claimed to reduce the rise of blood sugar after eating carbohydrates. Usually paired with a fruity note, these drinks are seeing a rise in popularity similar to the Kombucha surge.

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ginger oil fresh

Ginger Oil Fresh is distilled from ginger that has just been harvested to add a fresher, citrusy spice note and capture ginger’s culinary character better in flavors.

lemon oil

Argentina highlights lemon’s piney green character but still retains the fruit’s trademark sweetness.  Lemon California has all of the notes of a typical lemon but it tends to be sweeter and more aldehydic than its Argentinian cousin.

peppermint oil YAKIMA

So-named for the river valley in Washington State where it is grown, Peppermint Oil Yakima's trademark bitterness is well represented in this regional mint variety.