2019 Flavor Trend

Now that the mainstream has been introduced to heavier hitters on the Scoville Meter by way of products like Flaming Cheetos and Doritos Fire, having a little kick of heat is being welcomed. Jalapeños are making a roaring comeback and being infused into chocolates, syrups, and sauces.


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cassia oil

Cassia is a close relative of the better-known cinnamon and they are oftentimes used interchangeably in cuisine.  While it does have cinnamon’s hot spiciness, cassia tends to be sweeter in aroma and flavor than the typically dry, woodier cinnamon bark oil.

Black Pepper Oil

(Organic & Conventional)
Black Pepper Oil is steam distilled fruits of the Piper nigrum. Though it has none of the spiciness of ground pepper, Black Pepper Oil is used in savory, herbal, or spice flavors to impart a warm, peppery character. See More

Benzaldehyde Natural

(Almond Oil Bitter)
This natural source of benzaldehyde is a valuable addition to natural cherry, almond, cola, and pistachio profiles.