Dec 3rd, 2019

Coriander oil seeds price at origin is firming due to limited availability. Also the seed stocks are already old so oil yields are smaller than usual. Next oil production will be at the end of summer 2020 if there is enough demand and enough seed to distilled. Prices are firming and will continue until next crop.

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Berje Inc
Berje Inc


Jun 1st, 2018

It has been reported that with early news from India indicating a good crop Eastern European farmers had reduced acreage planted by as much as 30%. Therefore expectations are that seed prices will rise meaning oil prices will also.

Sep 1st, 2017

Prices for oil have dropped to a very low level. Reports indicate other crops were more profitable for farmers, so area planted for Coriander reduced by at least 50%, quite possibly by 67%. Prices for new crop seed continue to firm as it appears carryover positions on seeds were not properly stored and are unusable. We expect prices to rise as demand increases.