Jan 30th, 2020

Production will resume in early March. Lots of inventory but quality is inferior. Lots of phthalate contamination. Prices are soft.

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Maria-Paz Gonzalez PhD
Maria-Paz Gonzalez PhD


Jan 10th, 2020

Demand and offer are at balance and prices are stable.  The largest challenge facing right now is adulteration and contamination.

Feb 1st, 2018

Strong demand has kept prices firm.  Limited availability has led to poor quality material entering the market place and being offered a current premium pricing.

Jan 4th, 2018

With the shortage of Synthetic Citral, the internal demand in India for vitamins has caused manufacturers to switch to Lemongrass for Citral. This has caused prices to escalate and has limited availability. It is now the wrong season in Guatemala and availability there has been limited for years as prices are too high compared to Indian.