Mar 2nd, 2020

Good quality material is not available at source at the moment. Farmers are producing but yields are lower than excepted due to heavy rains. Prices are firming quickly and availability is limited.

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Maria-Paz Gonzalez PhD
Maria-Paz Gonzalez PhD


Jan 10th, 2020

Due to heavy rains for  longer periods of time oil yields have been diminished.  Availability is limited at the moment and prices are firming

Oct 1st, 2019

Last couple of weaks experienced heavy rains which has stopped the downward pricing slide that the oil was showing.  Prices went down to prices that are very difficult for farmers and some have stepped aside.

Jan 30th, 2016

Continued rains and surprisingly large demand for this time of year have driven pricing for this already scarce material upward.  With the expected end of rains in first quarter 2016, it is hoped that this trend will reverse.