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2019 Flavor Trend

2018 saw the launch of numerous sparkling mash-ups flavors focused around tea, coffee and bottled waters.  With the bar now set and consumers drawn to these new sparkling drink variations, brands are looking towards their unique signature to stand out amongst the crowd.  Clean Cause’s™ expansion into a line of sparkling Yerba Mate ready-to-drink cans exhibit both an upcoming, exceptional flavor along with a distinctive cause.  The company, originally starting with energy drinks and water, donates 50% of its profits to individuals struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs.  Clean Cause’s™ sparkling Yerba Mate is enhanced with 4 flavors; Lemon Lime, Peach, Raspberry and Blackberry.

In some ways considered an alternative natural caffeine source, cascara is starting to take hold in the beverage world.  Cascara is also known as the “coffee cherry” and is a massive scale waste product from the coffee industry since the fruit is grown for it’s beans.  Companies like the “Up To Good” company are utilizing this herbal tea like flavor both it’s caffeine content, utilization of an abundant product, and it’s eye catching flavor with four variations: Original, Lemon Ginger, Classic Cola, and Hibiscus Berry.