About Cold Comfort Tea Blend

Refreshingly minty and gentle, Cold Comfort Tea provides a unique blend of peppermint, chamomile, and elderflower flavors, making it the perfect companion for brisk midwinter weather. Cooling and herbaceous, with a unique floral nuance, this tea is excellent for cozying up by a fire, listening to the howling winds just outside your window as you drink in the refreshing flavors of those chilly moonlit nights. 


Ingredients available in:

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Strong and fresh, Peppermint has a sweet minty flavor that is instantly recognizable. Its taste is clean and refreshing, intensely reminiscent of the eponymous peppermint hard candy.

Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Organic EO


Sweet, floral, and somewhat honey-like, Elderflower has a uniquely diverse flavor profile that can instantly enhance “warming” aesthetics. Its odor is light and gentle but still retains a remarkable complexity.

WHC Botanicals


Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals

Echinacea Root

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