About Latte Cracker 2018 CSA

This cracker is made with protein and omega acid-rich pumpkin seed powder providing the purposeful healthy snacking appealing to many consumers. Cardamom and Massoialactone add the latte element with Cardamom’s chai-like spice and Massoialactone’s powerful milky coconut character.


Ingredients available in:

Conventional Oils Conventional Oils WHC Botanicals Botanical Organic EO Organic EO

Cardamom Oil - 55ppm

As a major component of the chai tea profile Cardamom goes a long way in evoking the flavor of the latte. SEE MORE

Massoialactone natural - .05ppm

Massoilactone’s dairylike creaminess adds a powerful frothed milk character to this snack at low usage levels.

Pumpkin Seed Powder - 168000ppm

Pumpkin Seed packs both protein and omega acids, fulfilling two attractive callouts for products catering towards the “snacking plus” consumer.

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