2018 Featured Product

Both new and established snack brands have pushed to reinvent popcorn as a healthy snack. This push has included new seasonings like sage, which pairs exceptionally well with the buttery flavor of popcorn. Lemon Oil 5X and Black Pepper Oil add a potent pop to this modern popcorn.


Sage Oil - 4ppm

This Sage Oil’s flavor makes a smooth transition from its classic role in breakfast meats to pairing with the buttery character of popcorns.

Black Pepper Oil - 4ppm

Black Pepper is already established as a seasoning for popcorn and other snacks. Used next to lemon this familiar spice takes on a new piquant role.

Lemon Oil 5X - 90ppm

Used next to Black Pepper in lighter dishes like seafoods, the Lemon/Pepper combination highlights popcorn’s light airy texture.

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