Healthier and fluffier than its more traditional heavily-processed counterpart, all-natural cotton candy has been a viral sensation for stay-at-home chefs looking for a sweet treat that also doubles as a fun project for kids. Made with pure cane sugar and vegetable-based dyes, these tasty snacks have been a favorite comfort food amid the Coronavirus pandemic for children and adults alike. The snack’s high level of customization with various flavorings, combined with its all-natural ingredients and low calorie count, presents ample opportunity for sellers in the pre-packaged goods industry. Pink Pepper provides an especially interesting addition to common cotton candy flavor compounds, as its fruity and slightly floral nuance works excellently to highlight sweeter flavors. Whether you’re looking to provide a DIY cotton candy kit for home cooking or a high quality finished product, all-natural cotton candy is the perfect trend for those with a powerful sweet tooth.

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