It goes without saying that COVID-19 has affected everyone across the world in a profound way, uprooting many of our basic assumptions about the day-to-day lives we live. Between certain food and supply shortages, overbooked hospitals, and infections resurging in areas that were once deemed successfully contained, the Coronavirus has caused many consumers and producers alike to reconsider the foods they eat, the activities they perform, and their overall physical health standards. Due to the prevalence of the virus, consumers are fully aware of everything they put into their bodies now more than ever. This has created a huge incentive for producers to create healthier alternatives to their products, as well as emphasize natural ingredients and immunity boosting additives to incentivize healthy lifestyles.

Health-conscious living is a trend that has always been around, but Coronavirus has pushed more people towards permanently adjusting into a healthier lifestyle. Producers can help support this awareness by providing customers with additional “health-conscious” product options and encouraging them to experiment with ingredients they might not otherwise find appealing. Many people are willing to try new foods and health products in the name of helping their own immune systems, and with the added trends of pantry raiding and zero waste lifestyles already driving people towards experimenting with new items, the time has never been better for broadening the perspectives of consumers everywhere. Health education will likely play a major role in this trend, and informing consumers of the actual nutritional effects of the foods they consume can help deepen trust between producers and buyers.

Health-conscious living also has a major crossover with environmentalism, and Coronavirus has created a sizable increase in the number of pescetarians, vegetarians, and vegans across the world. By emphasizing healthy, sustainable ingredients that do not rely on any domesticated animal byproducts, producers can assist consumers in working towards this rising
trend of environmentalism while further supporting vegetarian/vegan movements everywhere. 

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