Similar to the pickling trend, home-smoked meats have recently become a phenomenon with suburbanites everywhere, as backyard smoking provides an easy-to-learn hobby for people with lots of time on their hands. Due to the prevalence of Coronavirus, these home smokers currently find themselves working from home, eating at home, and just generally not leaving their living space for more than the occasional six-pack. This creates the perfect environment for at-home chefs to make their first steps towards learning to smoke meat, as it allows them to cook delicious food while also staying productive during remote work sessions.

Smoking meat requires a lengthy cook time, obviously, but the one thing people have on their hands nowadays is extra time. Perfect for experimenting with ingredients like Sage, Cade, and Birch Tar, smoked meats allow consumers to try out all manner of different woods, spices, and herbs to figure out which ones they prefer with their ribs, pork shoulders, and other delicious mountains of meat. The high quality results of the long cook time allow pretty much anyone to get into the hobby, and beginner guides to smoking meats have become more and more common on popular social media sites. While it might not be the healthiest choice of food, there’s no denying the appeal of a juicy rack of ribs that has been bathing in smoke and spices for over 12 hours. 

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