Another fun and practical hobby that’s been rising in mainstream popularity is the creation of homemade “everyday” sauces such as Ketchup, BBQ, and Sweet & Sour. While most people are accustomed to simply purchasing their sauces in a jar from the supermarket, COVID-19 shortages have made many consumers aware of just how often they tend to rely on certain condiments, and just how much their presence is missed when they are unavailable. This response has generated a boom in homemade recipes for a variety of useful sauces and condiments, all of which can be applied to many different foods and snacks.

For producers, this presents a number of opportunities to develop consumer products geared towards these would-be sauciers. The most obvious approach would be the development of homemade “sauce creation” packages, allowing people to craft their own blends of spices and flavorings without the restrictions inherent in plastic storefront bottles. Smaller, pre-packaged sauce packets can also provide consumers with a variety of new and exciting ingredients to utilize in the creation of their own DIY sauces, offering a sample of new flavors without forcing customers to purchase an entire jar of a seasoning they might not even be interested in. These items offer an appealing alternative to those in search of a new quarantine skill, as well as a fun project for budding chefs or kids that want to help out in the kitchen. 

By blending their own ketchup, mustard, and other jarred sauces, consumers have recently started to gain a better understanding of which ingredients they tend to prefer in their flavorings for meat, fish and vegetables. Many of the most popular ingredients to these items include a wide variety of flavor profiles, including maple syrup, garlic, black pepper, and apple cider vinegar. Homemade ketchup, in particular, is especially appealing to consumers, as its primary ingredient of canned tomatoes are available almost everywhere all year round. Combined with the expanded flavor palettes observed via pantry raiding recipes, homemade sauces have become hugely popular among consumers looking to keep their own shelves stocked with tasty condiments, regardless of whether or not the local grocery store has them in stock.

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