An incredibly useful and practical hobby that’s been growing in popularity due to COVID-19, pickling foods is the ultimate stay-at-home activity for people looking to preserve what they already have. Coronavirus has already created a mainstream resurgence in gardening, and pickling is the natural next step in that evolution for avid vegetable growers. Homemade pickling is easy to learn and provides an immediate life skill that can be used to preserve almost anything, from fennel to radishes to garlic and beyond. The flavor of vinegar has already been trending in Western cuisine, and sour-tasting foods have become more and more popular among chefs inspired by Asian cooking techniques.

Combined with the fact that fermented foods are already considered to be very healthy and promote the all-important gut flora, and homemade pickled items seems like the perfect trend for health conscious consumers. Pickle flavored products are also everywhere, bursting off of store shelves with a unique, almost transcendent level of novelty. Pickling these items at home is simply the next logical step of this progression. From spicy peppers to jammy onions, the possibilities for home picking are nearly limitless.

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