Keeping with the theme of rising trends in the world of veganism, the sudden appearance of Vegan Jerky seems to signify a general trend of mainstream meat products transitioning into more sustainable methods. “Vegan leather” used to construct handbags and upholstery already made viral headlines earlier in 2020, and it seems the trend of taking tougher plants such as cactus and drying them into other animal product alternatives will soon be the new status quo. But if vegan leather isn’t absurd enough for you, why not try vegan eggs? Indeed, these plant-based creations provide a protein-dense alternative to the typical chicken speciality enjoyed around the world, allowing consumers to include even more flavor variety into their vegan diets.

This has created somewhat of a trend in and of itself, as “vegan breakfast bowls” are among one of the most popular choices for healthy takeaway dining during the pandemic. Made from spicy cauliflower “wings,” pea protein sausage, and the aforementioned vegan eggs, these environmentalist alternatives to the classic English one-pot breakfast are packed with an enormous amount of protein. However, unlike their traditional counterparts, these bowls are not filled with the saturated fats, simple carbs, unhealthy oils, and other carcinogens typically associated with a savory fried breakfast. With so many people now shifting away from their dependence on meat for the sake of both their health and the planet, it seems as though vegan jerky and eggs might just be the tip of this revolutionary plant-based iceberg. 

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