Mar 9th, 2020

The last 2019 fall crop had a very small output. No availability at source at the moment. Since demand is very strong farmers might start producing end of June. Prices are firm and will remain firm.

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Maria-Paz Gonzalez PhD
Maria-Paz Gonzalez PhD


Aug 1st, 2019

The season should start in Jamaica in August. Reports indicate there is no oil available until Sept/Oct and with the current strong demand expect prices to rise.

Jun 1st, 2019

It would appear that production has now ceased; no offers forthcoming.

May 1st, 2019

Normally by this time of year, season is over. However with such diminished production this year some processors are hopeful of supplying more quantity, however small, by May.

Apr 1st, 2019

Over-collection of leaves prior to budding has caused the Jamaican government to curtail collection. There is currently limited availability.