Description of Alpha Terpineol Natural

An incredibly popular aromatic chemical used throughout the fragrance industry, Terpineol Natural, also known as Alpha-Terpineol Natural, is an extremely influential ingredient within floral and woody perfumery. Most commonly utilized for lilac or pine-based fragrances, this aromatic remains one of the most popular isomers currently manufactured within the chemical industry. While it is primarily used in fragrance, terpineol natural does have its uses within flavor, used in tandem with lemon, lime, orange, berry, and peach flavorings, among others. It is even used in certain spice blends for hot dogs, sausages, and other savory treats, though the amount used in these products is far less compared to its more traditional usage within perfumery.

Aroma & Flavor of Alpha Terpineol Natural

Floral and woody, with an odor reminiscent of lily and pine. Aroma is clean and somewhat citrus-like, blending exceptional well with other floral ingredients.




Latest Market Info: Mar, 2021

GT derivative products are on the rise from China, and markets are expected to remain firm.

Harvest Schedule of Alpha Terpineol Natural


Apr, 23rd

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