Description of Balsam Copaiba Organic

Steam distilled from the gum and resin of the South American Copaifera Officinalis tree, Balsam Copaiba provides a warm and spicy balsamic aroma that is highly unique. It’s fragrant, vanilla-like aromatic profile offers a natural component that works as an excellent alternative to traditional vanilla oil. The creamy, amber odor of this oil has made it a staple in both the pharmaceutical and perfumery industries, as it can be blended with a wide variety of different ingredients to enhance olfactory transitions.

Botanical Name

Copaifera langsdorffii

Aroma & Flavor of Balsam Copaiba Organic

Mild and balsamic, with a sweet-and-spicy woody bouquet. Somewhat peppery and metallic, with similarities to juniper, patchouli, and smoky teas.



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