Description of Baobab Oil

Cold-pressed from the seeds of the sturdy Adansonia digitata trees, Baobab Oil provides a mild and nutty aroma. Found within a variety of hair care and body care products, this oil has a well-known reputation for its low spoilage rate and strong moisturizing properties, with historical usage dating back hundreds of years. While it has no usage within the flavor industry, the versatility and extreme durability of this oil continues to carry its popularity with lotions, shampoos, and many other personal care products.

Botanical Name

Adansonia digitata

Aroma & Flavor of Baobab Oil

Mild and nutty, with a slightly floral nuance. Fragrance is not intense or overpowering but is extremely durable and does not spoil easily.


India - China - USA

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Baobab Oil

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