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Latest Market Info: Oct, 2021

Availability of bay oil from Dominica remains high; the island country has been producing quality material and has re-entered the global market.

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Description of Bay Oil Terpeneless

Steam-distilled from the incredibly fragrant leaves of the West Indian Bay tree, Bay Oil Terpeneless has a smooth and spicy odor, with a sweet and somewhat balsamic tinge. Also known as "Bay Rum" and "Bay Laurel," this oil has powdery, slightly green undertones, making it especially popular among "Masculine" colognes and other fine fragrance types. The oil sees less usage in flavor, though it is a common addition to Caribbean-style spice blends intended for rice dishes, teas, and liqueurs.

Aroma & Flavor of Bay Oil Terpeneless

Spicy and strong, with a smooth and uniquely masculine odor. Also retains a powdery, somewhat creamy and floral nuance.

Botanical Name of Bay Oil Terpeneless

Pimenta Acris Kostel

Appearance of Bay Oil Terpeneless

Pale Yellow Liquid



EXTRACTION method of Bay Oil Terpeneless


Principle Constituents of Bay Oil Terpeneless


Refractive Index of Bay Oil Terpeneless

1.5270 - 1.5450 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Bay Oil Terpeneless

1.0420 - 1.0620 @ 25C

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