MARKET INFO of Bergamot Oil Residues

Latest Market Info: Oct, 2021

Prices for Italian material moved up slightly due to logistical inland costs, as well as the rising cost of ocean freight. There are no issues with supply or crop thus far. However, due to European summer vacation time, there is a shipping hiatus expected during the month of August.

Description of Bergamot Oil Residues

Evaporation residue created during the steam-distillation of bergamot fruit peels, Bergamot Oil Residues are typically used as a fixative within traditional cold-pressed bergamot oil. With high linalool content and an easy solubility in alcohol, these residues are a useful byproduct of bergamot oil production.

Aroma & Flavor of Bergamot Oil Residues

Fresh and citrusy, with a unique floral sweetness. Odor has a slightly woody and herbaceous tinge.

Appearance of Bergamot Oil Residues

Dark Green-Brown Viscous Liquid





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