Description of Eucalyptus Smithii Oil S.A.

A popular alternative to the more widely known Eucalyptus Globulus tree, Eucalyptus Smithii grows faster and yields more oil per leaf, making it the go-to choice for many new or up-and-coming plantations. Eucalyptus Smithii oil is produced throughout many regions of the world, though its most prominent territories are South Africa, Argentina, and China. The oil distilled from the tree's leaves is nearly colorless, retaining a fresh and cineole-like odor. As such, Eucalyptus Smithii oil can be used for many of the same purposes as Eucalyptus Globulus oil, particularly among pharmaceuticals and soap perfumery blends.

Aroma & Flavor of Eucalyptus Smithii Oil S.A.

Aroma is fresh and herbaceous, highly reminiscent of cineole.

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Eucalyptus Smithii Oil S.A.

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