Description of Fir Balsam Concrete

A thick and waxy substance extracted from the needle-like leaves of the Abies Balsamea tree, Fir Balsam Concrete is a powerfully fragrant material most commonly produced in Canada. The odor of this concrete is very similar to the tree itself; its oily and balsamic aroma is contrasted by sweet and fresh undertones reminiscent of forest pine sap. This makes Fir Balsam Concrete an excellent addition to spruce, pine, and other "Christmas tree" style products, as its intense likeness to the Canadian Fir is almost always associated with the smell of Winter.

Aroma & Flavor of Fir Balsam Concrete

Aroma is intensely oily and balsamic, with a fresh and sweet nuance reminiscent of pine sap. Odor is often compared to pine, spruce, and other "Christmas tree" style ingredients.

Botanical Name of Fir Balsam Concrete

Abies Balsamea





EXTRACTION method of Fir Balsam Concrete


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