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Latest Market Info: May, 2022

The 2021/2022 grapefruit season in Mexico was about 40% smaller than usual due to Hurricane Grace. Current growing conditions are favorable for next season, which will run between September and October.

Description of Grapefruit Oil Distilled

Grapefruit Oil Distilled is produced through the steam-distillation of Citrus x paradisi fruit peels and residues. The oil's aldehyde content is generally quite high, retaining a refreshingly sweet and citrusy aroma reminiscent of freshly-peeled grapefruit. This makes it an ideal choice for fruity or citrus fragrances, especially when blended alongside other citrus ingredients like bergamot and bitter orange. While not quite as potent as its cold-pressed counterpart, Grapefruit Oil Distilled can still function as an efficient, cost-effective modifier within a wide variety of perfumes.

Aroma & Flavor of Grapefruit Oil Distilled

Refreshingly sweet and citrusy, reminiscent of freshly-peeled grapefruit skins.

Botanical Name of Grapefruit Oil Distilled

Citrus paradisi





EXTRACTION method of Grapefruit Oil Distilled

Cold Expression

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