Description of Sage Oil 50%

Sage Oil 50% is steam-distilled from the dried leaves of the Salvia officinalis herb, also referred to as “Dalmatian Sage” or “Common Sage.” As one of the most well-known culinary spices, sage is cultivated across many different regions and cultures, though its origins are based in the Mediterranean. The aroma of sage oil is fresh and spicy, with a warm top note that is both herbaceous and camphoraceous. As a member of the Lamiaceae mint family, this oil also retains a warm, sweet, and somewhat “burning” flavor. Sage oil is mainly used in flavor, where it finds extensive applications within meat sauces, spice blends, and canned goods. Dalmatian sage is also a popular component of perfumes and colognes, imparting a sweet and herbaceous tenacity that blends particularly well with floral and citrus ingredients. 

Aroma & Flavor of Sage Oil 50%

Powerful and fresh, with a warm, spicy, and herbaceous top note. Its flavor is similarly warm, with a herbal and slight “burning” quality.

Botanical Name of Sage Oil 50%

Salvia Lavandulifolia

Appearance of Sage Oil 50%

Pale Yellow Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Sage Oil 50%


Refractive Index of Sage Oil 50%

1.4570 - 1.4690 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Sage Oil 50%

0.9030 - 0.9250 @ 25C

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