Description of Tuberose Absolute

Tuberose Absolute is derived from the incredibly fragrant Polianthes Tuberosa flower, which is wild-grown throughout much of North, South, and Central America. The flower is one of the few plants that continues to produce oil even after it has been picked, making the yields of tuberose much higher than other comparable botanicals. Despite this, production of tuberose absolute is still fairly labor-intensive, requiring a diligent “hands-on” approach to extraction. The aroma of tuberose is intensely sweet, with a heavy floral note most comparable to honeysuckle. Its immensely complex odor, combined with its high cost and intense extraction process, has made tuberose absolute a staple of high class fragrance and perfumery work.

Aroma & Flavor of Tuberose Absolute

Incredibly sweet and floral, with an oily-fatty top note and tenacious drydown.

Botanical Name of Tuberose Absolute

Poliantes Tuberosa





EXTRACTION method of Tuberose Absolute


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