Description of Ethyl Maltol

An aromatic crystalline powder heavily utilized throughout the flavor industry for both its sweet taste and powerful preservative properties, Ethyl Maltol is highly popular among breads, cookies, wines, chocolate, and candy. Its jammy, caramel-like nuances can also be used to impart a unique “burnt sugar” aroma, which makes it especially prominent among cotton candy producers. Other than its obvious flavor applications, Ethyl Maltol is commonly utilized as a preservative for fruit jams and confectionary products, enhancing sweet flavors while keeping materials fresh and shelf-stable.

Aroma & Flavor of Ethyl Maltol

Sugary sweet, with a jammy strawberry-like flavor. Contains a nuance of burnt sugar, providing a uniquely intense candyfloss-like sweetness.

Appearance of Ethyl Maltol

White Crystalline







Assay of Ethyl Maltol


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