Description of Methyl Iso Eugenol

An aromatic chemical that imparts a warm, spicy clove-like flavor, Methyl Iso Eugenol provides a resinous smoky nuance to formulations in both the flavor and fragrance industry. Primarily known for its woody, tar-like qualities, this aromatic is heavily used in fruity and savory spice blends, adding a fatty, somewhat powdery note to sweeter formulations. In perfumery, this aromatic is primarily used for its lightly sweet and spicy odor, which compliments woody and carnation blends excellently.

Aroma & Flavor of Methyl Iso Eugenol

Spicy and warm, reminiscent of clove and carnation. Also retains a resinous, smoky and somewhat fatty odor that compliments more tropical ingredients.

Appearance of Methyl Iso Eugenol

Colorless Liquid







Assay of Methyl Iso Eugenol


Refractive Index of Methyl Iso Eugenol

1.5660 - 1.5690 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Methyl Iso Eugenol

1.0470 - 1.530 @ 25C

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