Clove Leaf Oil & Derivatives

February 2017

Reports continue to advise that steady rainfall in Indonesia is hampering the collection of leaves.  With supplies of Crude Clove Oil reportedly limited prices continue to firm.  Eugenol, Iso Eugenol, Caryophyllene, Methyl Eugenol, Methyl Iso Eugenol, Vanillin ex Eugenol, and Propenyl Guaethol have all firmed.  With the rainy season lasting through March & April we do not expect prices to ease soon.  

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December 2015

We have reports that prices for Vanilla Beans have increased tenfold.  Prices for Vanilla Absolute have reflected this, with dramatic increases.  One dealer has advised the demand for Vanilla Beans has expanded exponentially.  While bad weather, smuggling of beans out of Madagascar, and increased labor costs might play a role, might this not be the effect of changing to Natural from Synthetic?

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