Our QC & Regulatory Team


Both service and quality are obsessions at Berjé. All inbound raw materials are subjected to extensive quality control procedures where not only physical variables are monitored but also composition is evaluated by gas chromatograph and mass spectrometry to insure compliance with government as well as internal standard.

Inside of our 15,000 square foot laboratory space, a combination of technical and commercial experience together with our internal capacity to process most materials results in the prompt availability of compound ready ingredients upon our customers’ demand.

Our full service includes packaging and payment options, dedicated inventories, technical support, regulatory guidance and more.

To request supporting documents from our regulatory group, please see our regulatory form.

QC & Regulatory

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As the impact of COVID-19 continues to change our daily lives and needs during these uncertain times, Berjé remains committed to our role as an essential supplier and producer of vital materials to critical infrastructure industries.

We recognize the special responsibility of our integral role to continue providing goods used in hygiene, sanitation, food, pharmaceutical and chemical supply that aid in our nation’s direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Berjé intends to continue our operations while prioritizing and maintaining the safety of our employees and customers by monitoring and implementing the recommended guidelines provided by the WHO, CDC, DHS, and local authorities as developments continue.

We feel confident our team is acting urgently, prudently and responsibly as we work alongside our global community to ensure the continued supply of essentials in our daily lives.

Our thoughts are with you and your families,
Kim & Gillian Bleimann