Berjé’s Flavor Ingredient
Safety Assurance Program

Berjé is certified by SQF for FOOD SAFETY CODE FOR MANUFACTURING, EDITION 9. Berjé is committed to maintaining the integrity, quality, and safety of our flavor ingredients.

Our comprehensive testing and validation procedures are built on HACCP and GMP principles from start to finish. Every lot of material in our inventory has undergone testing in our Quality Control Labs to ensure that our customers are receiving a consistently exceptional product that is tested in the USA. Our standards allow us to provide a wide range of documentation on organic, natural, kosher, and halal products. In addition to our SQF certification, Berjé takes thorough measures to independently verify our products’ excellence.

We maintain a secure facility.

  • We have strict traceability procedures and test them rigorously with mock recall programs throughout the year.
  • We maintain high quality through our own internal QC and analytical labs.
  • The rigor of our high standards is evidenced by more than 1,000 Kosher and Halal certified items.
  • We conduct vendor audits and have in turn allowed customers to audit our facility as well.
  • We have 24hr camera surveillance with remote viewing capabilities.
  • Full containers are locked and secured with a numbered seal.
  • All products are sealed with tamper-evident closures.
  • In-bound containers are closely inspected to ensure that they are free of contaminants.

Of course, the best security in the world is impossible to maintain without experienced staff trained in flavor safety procedures, combined with transparency and cooperation from our vendors. We have built long-standing and trusted relationships between our family of vendors and our wonderful Berjé team, shipment by shipment, year after year. In many cases, these relationships have spanned several decades.

From the procurement process, to the streamlined order process, production, quality control, packing, and final checks, we assure seamless safety, quality, and value every step of the way.