Essential oils are concentrated essences extracted from flowers, fruits, roots, bark, leaves, and herbs which have been used in flavor, fragrance, and medicinal applications for centuries. Recently, they have experienced a resurgence in aromatherapy and cosmetically oriented cosmetics. In turn, these areas have influenced the personal care sector of the beauty industry, making essential oils more accessible and ensuring a larger botanical fingerprint on the products which contain them.

Berjé offers essential oils produced by the traditional methods of cold pressing and steam-distillation as well as state-of-the-art methods such as molecular distillation and liquid CO2 extraction to provide products of superior quality and reliability. More than 200 essential oils and related products are readily available from our inventory.

    Aldehyde C-18 Natural
    Aldehyde C-14 natural
    Allyl Heptanoate Natural
    Anisic Aldehyde Natural
    Amyl Butyrate Natural
    Amyl Acetate, Iso Natural
    Anethole Natural
    Alpha Terpinene Special

    Benzaldehyde Natural
    Benzyl Acetate Natural
    Beta Ionone Natural
    Butyric Acid Natural

    Camphor Gum Natural
    Carvacrol Natural
    Carvone Dextro Natural
    Caryophyllene Natural
    Cedryl Acetate
    Cinnamic Aldehyde Natural
    Citral ex Litsea Natural
    Cis-3-Hexenol Natural
    Citronellal 85/90 ex Citronella
    Citronellal 85/90
    ex Euc. Citirodora
    Citronellol ex Citronella

    Delta Decalactone Natural
    Delta Dodecalactone Natural
    Dimethyl Sulfide

    Ethyl Acetate Natural
    Ethyl Butyrate Natural
    Ethyl 2 Methyl Butyrate Natural
    Ethyl Maltol
    Ethyl Iso Butyrate Natural
    Ethyl Iso Valerate Natural
    Ethyl Caproate Natural
    Ethyl Caprate Natural
    Ethyl Lactate Natural
    Ethyl Propionate Natural
    Ethyl Vanillin
    Eucalyptol Natural

    Fenchone Alpha Natural

    Gamma Decalactone Natural
    Geraniol ex Citronella
    Geraniol ex Palmarosa

    Heliotropine Natural

    Limonene D Redistilled
    Linalool ex Bois de Rose
    Linalool ex Orange
    Linalool ex Howood
    Linalool Synthetic FCC
    Linalyl Acetate Natural

    Maltol Natural
    2 Methyl Butyric Acid
    Menthol Crystals Natural
    Methyl Chavicol ex Anise
    Methyl Chavicol ex Basil
    Methyl Cyclo Pentenolone Natural
    Methyl Iso Eugenol

    Phellandrene Alpha Natural
    Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol Natural
    Pinene Alpha PF Natural
    Pinene Beta PF Natural
    Piperitone Natural

    Raspberry Ketone Natural
    Rhodinol ex Geranium Natural

    Terpinen-4-OL Natural
    Terpinene Gamma Natural
    Terpineol Alpha Natural
    Triethyl Citrate Natural

    Vanillin Natural
    Valeraldehyde Iso