Essential oils are the concentrated aroma and flavor character of the flowers, fruits, roots, bark, leaves, and herbs that we are so familiar with from our gardens and spice racks. For centuries, they have been an important part of medicine and culture and now play an indispensable role in flavor and fragrance commerce. Alongside the push for natural products, the recent popularity of aromatherapy and cosmeceuticals has revived interest in essential oils, giving them a whole new reputation among consumers.

Berjé offers essential oils produced by the traditional methods of cold pressing and steam-distillation as well as state-of-the-art methods such as molecular distillation and liquid CO2 extraction to provide products of superior quality and reliability. More than 200 essential oils and related products are readily available from our inventory.









    Jasmine Absolute
    Jojoba Oil
    Juniperberry Oil
    Juniperberry Oil Organic


    Mandarin Oil Green
    Mandarin Oil Red
    Mandarin Terpenes
    Mandarin Petitgrain Terpeneless
    Marjoram Oil Spanish
    Marjoram Oil Sweet Egyptian
    Massoia Bark Oil
    Mate Verte Absolute
    Melissa Oil Bulgarian
    Melissa Oil, French Type
    Mentha Arvensis Oil
    Mentha Citrata Oil
    Mentha Piperita Oil
    Mimosa Absolute
    Moringa Oil
    Mustard Oil Natural
    Mustard Oil Synthetic
    Myrrh Oil
    Myrtle Oil Maroc
    Myrtle Oil Tunisian


    Oakmoss Absolute Green
    Ocotea Cymbarum Oil
    Olibanum Oil
    Olibanum Resin
    Opoponax Oil
    Onion Oil FCC
    Onion Oil Mexican
    Orange Essence Oil
    Orange Essence Oil Phase
    Orange Oil 5x
    Orange Oil 10x
    Orange Oil Bitter Brazil
    Orange Oil S.A.
    Orange Oil Midseason
    Orange Oil Valencia
    Orange Oil Terpeneless
    Orange Terpenes
    Origanum Oil
    Orris Root Concrete 8% Irone



    Sage Oil 30%
    Sage Oil 50%
    Sage Oil, Clary
    Sage Oil Spanish
    Sandalwood Oil Australian
    Sandalwood Oil East Indian
    Sandalwood Oil Indonesian
    Sandalwood Oil Sri Lanka
    Sassafras Oil
    Savory Oil
    Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn Oil)
    Siamwood Oil
    Spearmint Oil 65% Indian
    Spearmint Oil Chinese 60%
    Spearmint Oil Chinese 80%
    Spearmint Oil Native
    Spearmint Oil Terpeneless
    Spearmint Terpenes
    Spike Lavender Oil
    Spikenard Oil
    Spruce Absolute
    Spruce Oil Canadian
    Styrax Gum Honduras
    Styrax Oil Honduras

    Tagetes Oil Argentina
    Tagetes Oil South African
    Tagetes Oil Zimbabwe
    Tangerine Oil 5x
    Tangerine Oil 10x
    Tangerine Oil CP China
    Tangerine Oil CP Cravo
    Tangerine Oil CP Dancy
    Tangerine Terpenes
    Tarragon Oil
    Tea Tree Oil
    Tea Tree Oil Chinese
    Thuja Oil
    Thyme Oil Red
    Thyme Oil White
    Tobacco Absolute
    Tolu Balsam
    Tonka Bean Absolute, Perfume Grade
    Treemoss Absolute
    Tuberose Absolute
    Turmeric Oil


    Wintergreen Oil
    Wormwood Oil American
    Wormwood Oil European
    Wormwood Oil Organic

    Yarrow Oil (Milfoil)
    Ylang Ylang Oil #1
    Ylang Ylang Oil #2
    Ylang Ylang Oil #3
    Ylang Ylang Oil Extra

    Zdravetz Oil Organic