Berjé Trakia, representing our presence in Europe, is located in Thrace, a region of Bulgaria just south of the Danube. The region boasts a rich cultural history. Thracian influence dates back to ancient Greece, and is noted as the birthplace of the famed poet Orpheus.

    Berjé Trakia processes over 500 tons of rose and lavender flowers, as well as other ingredients that are crucial to quality flavor creation and perfumery.  Today Berjé, in this vital growing region, is also expanding to produce a vast assortment of natural ingredients including basil, dill and fennel.

    Most importantly, Berjé Trakia is emblematic of our company’s foundation in quality and heritage with our commitment to local farmers, traditional growing practices and handpicked, delicate and natural materials.

    Berjé Trakia demonstrates a sophisticated approach to a time-honored practice and reverence for the art of this business.