Bulgarian Rose & Lavender production are at the forefront of our mission at Berjé Trakia. Bulgarian rose oil is renowned for its exceptionally complex aroma, providing a sweet and full-bodied odor that is impossible to replicate. The region’s lavender oil is also remarkably smooth and gorgeous, with a rich floral and herbaceous aroma often utilized for high-end fine fragrance blends. Each of these oils carries their own distinctive aromatic properties, separating them from their more common Mediterranian counterparts.


History & Heritage

Located within a verdant Bulgarian valley steeped in history and tradition, Berjé Trakia represents the marriage between old world heritage and new world technology. The facility occupies the same land once held by Thracian Greeks and the Odrysian Kingdoms; a land brimming with culture and mythology. Orpheus, the legendary Greek Poet, is said to have lived in Bulgaria during the era of antiquity, writing some of the most venerable poems and songs of his time.

Our Bulgarian Facility

Berjé Trakia processes a remarkable quantity of rose and lavender flowers each year. Rose, in particular, requires over 3 tons of raw material to produce a single kilo of oil, making the efficiency of our production process incredibly important. Berjé Trakia also aspires to expand into Bulgaria’s other natural herb oils, including fragrant ingredients such as basil, dill, and fennel.



The Future

Berjé Trakia demonstrates a sophisticated approach to the time-honored practices of regional growers and is emblematic of our reverence for the artistry of this business. With a foundation rooted in quality and heritage, this new facility continues our commitment to local farmers, traditional growing practices, and delicate handpicked natural materials. We hope to continue expanding our presence in areas where these precious plants are grown, supporting a vast assortment of natural ingredients that are crucial to all the flavor and fragrance creations that make our industry so incredible.