Description of Ethyl Linalool

Fresh, floral, and subtly sweet, Ethyl Linalool is an incredibly versatile aromatic chemical that is commonly used in perfumery alongside other floral ingredients. Its odor is less woody than Linalool and evaporates more slowly, providing a long-lasting fragrance that is excellent for soaps, shampoos, and other perfumery purposes. Soft and pleasant, this aroma is most comparable to Bergamot, and blends exceptionally well with floral ingredients such as Lilac, Rosewood, and Lily. Whether it's used in a high-end floral bouquet or a mainstream consumer fragrance, Ethyl Linalool provides an instant freshness that can work within almost any medium.

Aroma & Flavor of Ethyl Linalool

Odor is incredibly fresh and floral, with a subtle sweetness. Less woody than standard Linalool, with a soft but long-lasting aroma.



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Apr, 23rd

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