Description of Perilla Aldehyde

Also referred to as “Perillaldehyde” and “Perillic Aldehyde,” this aromatic chemical can be extracted from numerous botanicals and essential oils. Berjé’s synthetic perilla aldehyde has a fresh and spicy aroma most reminiscent of cinnamon, cumin, or shiso. As such, it provides a pleasant spicy note within warm fragrances. Perilla aldehyde also has a sweet, woody, and somewhat waxy flavor that pairs well with citrus ingredients such as lemon and lime.

Aroma & Flavor of Perilla Aldehyde

Aroma is spicy and pungent, with a warm nuance most reminiscent of cinnamon or shiso. Its flavor has a far more woody, spicy, and waxy quality.

Appearance of Perilla Aldehyde

Pale Yellow Liquid







Refractive Index of Perilla Aldehyde

1.5050 - 1.5100 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Perilla Aldehyde

0.9580 - 0.9730 @ 25C

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