Description of Benzoin Siam Resin

A natural gum resin extracted from the Styrax tonkinensis tree, Benzoin Siam Resin has a sweet-spicy and balsamic odor, with a unique vanillin-like nuance. The resin is commonly used within perfumery as a soap fragrance, providing a rich sweetness that doubles as a fixative agent for other ingredients such as abietic alcohols, benzyl benzoate, and copaiba balsam. Its flavor is incredibly harsh and biting, typically only included in certain specialty alcohols.

Aroma & Flavor of Benzoin Siam Resin

Sweet, spicy, and balsamic, with a unique resemblance to vanillin. Odor is pleasant and slightly milky, though flavor is incredibly bitter and biting.

Botanical Name of Benzoin Siam Resin

Styrax benzoin dryand

Appearance of Benzoin Siam Resin

Brown-Red Semi Liquid







EXTRACTION method of Benzoin Siam Resin


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