Description of Benzoin Siam Resin

A natural gum resin extracted from the Styrax tonkinensis tree, Benzoin Siam Resin has a sweet-spicy and balsamic odor, with a unique vanillin-like nuance. The resin is commonly used within perfumery as a soap fragrance, providing a rich sweetness that doubles as a fixative agent for other ingredients such as abietic alcohols, benzyl benzoate, and copaiba balsam. Its flavor is incredibly harsh and biting, typically only included in certain specialty alcohols.

Aroma & Flavor of Benzoin Siam Resin

Sweet, spicy, and balsamic, with a unique resemblance to vanillin. Odor is pleasant and slightly milky, though flavor is incredibly bitter and biting.

Appearance of Benzoin Siam Resin


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