Description of Birch Tar Rectified

Paler and less discoloring than other birch tar variants, Birch Tar Rectified retains the same phenolic, penetrating odor. Easily soluble in alcohol, this fragrant material is a common addition to phenolic perfumery, often included alongside ingredients such as vetiver, patchouli, and balsam. Its aroma is slightly sweet and somewhat reminiscent of leather, which also makes it a popular component of masculine fragrances such as colognes, aftershaves, and body lotions.

Aroma & Flavor of Birch Tar Rectified

Extremely potent phenolic odor, with a masculine leather-like quality. Retains an oily and slightly sweet tinge.

Botanical Name of Birch Tar Rectified

Betula alba

Appearance of Birch Tar Rectified

Brown-Red Liquid



EXTRACTION method of Birch Tar Rectified

Dry-Distilled Pyrogenated Oil , Purified By Steam Distillation

Refractive Index of Birch Tar Rectified

1.4900 - 1.5490 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Birch Tar Rectified

1.0420 - 1.0650 @ 25C

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