Description of Cascarilla Bark Oil

Steam-distilled from the dried bark of the Croton Eluteria tree, Cascarilla Oil has its origins in the Bahama Islands, as well as certain areas of Cuba and the West Indies. The oil has a strong and spicy aroma, with a warm and woody nuance somewhat reminiscent of nutmeg or black pepper. The complexity of cascarilla oil makes it ideal for high class perfumery, especially when used in “fantasy” style colognes, commonly blended alongside ingredients such as pimento, sage, and oakmoss. In flavor, cascarilla provides a uniquely “piquant” top note; its high cost and intensity often reserves it for specialty tobacco blends, wines, and liqueurs.

Aroma & Flavor of Cascarilla Bark Oil

Warm and spicy, with a complex woody nuance. Taste is intense and slightly bitter, comparable to pimento, leather, and black pepper.

Botanical Name of Cascarilla Bark Oil

Croton eluteria Benn.

Appearance of Cascarilla Bark Oil






EXTRACTION method of Cascarilla Bark Oil

steam distillation

Refractive Index of Cascarilla Bark Oil

1.4800 - 1.4900 @ 20C

Specific Gravity of Cascarilla Bark Oil

0.8800 - 0.9100 @ 25C

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