Description of Catnip Oil

Steam-distilled from the incredibly fragrant Nepeta cataria herb, Catnip Oil widely renowned for its reputation as a popular recreational substance for cats. However, beyond its obvious applications within the pet care industry, this oil carries an extremely herbal and minty bouquet that makes it a great addition to other natural perfumery ingredients such as lavender and sage. Catnip’s blend of herbaceous green notes and woody, somewhat earthy undertones makes it perfect for colognes and aromachology products. Beyond its uses within fragrance, the oil also has a functional application as a natural insect repellent, making it a popular choice for mosquito sprays and other outdoor repellents

Botanical Name

Nepeta cataria

Aroma & Flavor of Catnip Oil

Herbal and minty, with a powerful green odor. Its herbaceous aroma also carries woody, earthy, and "natural" smelling notes.



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